The NIH-backed study is the largest of its kind, incorporating scans from more than 10,000 children, experts wrote Tuesday in Nature Communications.

Doing so would establish the boards as a "trailblazer among medical specialties," dozens of docs wrote Tuesday in RSNA's Radiology

Two U.S. congressmen are urging the federal agency to modify its reimbursement methodology for radiopharmaceuticals to improve patient access. 

The Germany-based imaging manufacturer has recently received buyer interest in the product line, which could attract attention from private equity or strategic bidders. 

Some cardiologists vow to go out with their scrubs on, says St. Vincent Heart Center’s Mary Norine Walsh, MD, as she recalls an interventional cardiologist who declared that when he left the cath lab, he’d be gone for good, not doing “office work.”

When is it time to retire? It’s a knotty, uncomfortable yet inevitable question.