Los Angeles County hospital leaders have dubbed the initiative as “Better Together Health,” with radio and TV commercials using tag lines such as “Life may be on pause. Your health isn’t,” and “Get care when you need it.”

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has looked to pay particular attention to any vulnerable populations that may face stigmatization or fewer opportunities, experts wrote Tuesday in JACR

The majority of rads collect their entire incentive payment, but the next highest proportion only achieved 25% of their bonus or less, according to the 2020 Medscape Radiologist Compensation Report, released Wednesday. 

ACR outlined its concerns with the American Board of Radiology, and the nonprofit’s controversial “maintenance of certification” program, in a resolution passed on Tuesday. 

Ahead of print in Radiology Business Journal: As private medical practices continue feeling the squeeze of consolidation across U.S. healthcare, many radiology groups are considering acquisition offers from physician practice management companies (PPMCs).

Until recently, cardiologists’ eyes tended to glaze over at the mention of using 3D printing in their practices. Most believed the costs would be too high for routine use, that the applications and the price tag were better suited to academic applications.